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"I really do love dialing into my clients and connecting with them." - Theresa Leeds

I am currently working with a client that I am here previewing this Pinnacle Home for. This house is spectacular, I can't say enough. Which is why John & Maria came to mind.

They are a recent client who walked into the home they just bought out in NLV and knew immediately it was the ONE for them.

Those are truly the best moments and why I love what I do.

Working with them was a blast, they left me a beautiful testimonial. Please check it out.


“Theresa is truly a blessing to both Maria and I. From day one Theresa was interested in learning about our goals as buyers, not just rushing to close a deal. In fact, because of our work situation and traveling so much, we were the ones rushing a bit.

Rather than just letting us rush a major decision, Theresa worked non-stop to find a few solid options, ultimately giving us confidence with our final decision. Theresa’s charisma is addicting and makes the daunting task of buying a home quite enjoyable. Many times Maria or I would write her asking if there was anything that needed to be done, her response; “Everything’s been taken care of” or “This is what we need, and this is how you do it”, bringing our anxiety down to zero.

I cannot recommend Theresa enough, her counsel and guidance in the home buying process was invaluable and although we're done with with the process of buying our first home, I continually reach out to Theresa asking for her guidance on all things Commercial/residential real estate.

Morning, Night, Weekend or even holidays, she just as helpful now, as she was the first time we met. We look forward to working with Theresa again soon and will recommend her every chance we get.”

- John & Maria


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